Friday, February 11, 2005

ティッピー・アームストロング(Tippy Armstrong)

Lost And Found

Copyright 1995 Breathe Easy Music
Jim Coleman - Vocals, Guitar, Bass Eddie Hinton - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, HarmonicaTippy Armstrong - Electric Guitar, Vocals Roger Hawkins - Drums David Hood - BassBarry Beckett - Piano, Organ John Hughey - Pedal Steel Guitar King Curtis - Soprano Saxophone Chuck Swartz - Clarinet The London Symphony - Strings

Eddie's good friend and former roommate, Duane Allman, was asked to played guitar, but, I told Eddie I wanted Tippy Armstrong to play guitar instead. Tippy was a great player and a great friend of mine. He played on albums for Bobby Womack, Albert King, and Jimmy Cliff among others. Duane was planning to leave town anyway and had asked Eddie to join him in a new band he was putting together with his brother, Greg, to be called "The Allman Brothers Band." Eddie turned him down for his studio gig and to finish the album we had decided to call "The Coleman-Hinton Project." Eddie had also picked Tippy to replace him as the staff session guitarist at Muscle Shoals Sound when he and I left to go on the road to promote our record.

In addition to recording in Muscle Shoals, we also recorded at David Briggs' Quad Studio in Nashville and at Olympic Studio in London where we recorded the strings. We used the same string players from the London Symphony who had played on the Beatles' records. Other notable musicians on this record include the late, great King Curtis on Soprano Saxophone and John Hughey on pedal steel guitar. I was a big fan of Conway Twitty at the time and wanted to use Hughey who was Conway's steel player. John Hughey now plays for Vince Gill. King Curtis was very popular in the 60's and was actually the opening act for the Beatles during their 1965 US tour when I saw them in Atlanta. King Curtis and Tippy have both been gone now for many years along with Duane.

Tippy Armstrong - Died 1979 ( Rock ) Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Rubber Band (They did,"Charlena" and "In And Out Of My Life") Worked with Wilson Pickett and Roy Orbison.

Armstrong, Francis Tippy
Rock, Blues, Country
Bobby Womack
Tuscaloosa, AL
Muscle Shoals, AL


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