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Subject : A Rock 'N Roll Pilgrimage To Tuscaloosa

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My dear beloved sister and brothers:
I decided that if NYC and London could have guided tours of sacred rock 'n roll sites, I could do the same for Tuscaloosa.

Please think about this for me and offer any suggestions.

Of course, ya got Ft. Brandon Armory, Foster, the Quads and Memorial Coliseum but you also have the fraternity houses.
From what I can tell there were never ever any real juke joints on the chitlin' circuit in Tuscaloosa because dancing where alcohol was served wasn't made legal until ' 75 but you did have the Citizen's Club, some other dives(the one on 26th Avenue south of 21st Street behind the Apostolic Refuge Church is one I'm interested in learning about. Heard Cort Pickett played there- it was last known as Club 61), house parties and I have been told groups played the Diamond Theatre.(I am very interested in any of those stories).
Of course, Northport had The Chef, The Red Ox, The Shiloh and the Stardust( I was very good friends with Ted Grace)

Well here's what I got:

Eddie Hinton lived with his mother, Deanie, at 1414 University Blvd., Apt. 1, 759-9057

In '66, a student named John W. Townsend lived on Pelham Loop Rd.

The Dobb's House was at 1400 Univ. Blvd.

Barnwell Hall which housed Downunder in the basement was located at 800 10th St.(now Bryant Drive)

was located at 1001 Univ. Blvd.

1009 Univ. Blvd. housed the first location of Another Roadside Attraction.

Johnny's Restuarant was at 2400 Univ. Blvd., the Deep South Lounge was at 2402 Univ. Blvd. and Roy's Place was at 2404 Univ. Blvd.

1302 Univ. Blvd. housed Beggar's Banquet. 1207 Univ. Blvd. housed The Dickery.

Jackie's Lounge was once called Pat's Cafe at 2111 10th Street.(now Bryant Drive)

607 15th Street was Joe Namath's Restaurant.

The Chukker was at 2121 6th Street.

2309 7th Street was the Chuck Wagon Cafe. 2311 7th St. was The Silver Dollar Bar. 2313 7th St. was Hanly's Pawn Shop.

Lee's Tomb(John F. Mason,mgr) was at 2209 4th Street.

Frank's (later the Bahn Hof) was at the end of 11th Street beside the railroad tracks.

The Tide was located at 614 25th Avenue.

Haven't really gotten into Moon Winx, Dill's Motor Court, the Travelodge, and the Stafford.

Any suggestions or stories will be appreciated and feel free to forward this to anyone.

Robert Register


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