Thursday, February 10, 2005

Urban legends surrounding performances by famous artists at drunken BAMA frat parties are ubiquitous here in T-town. ROCK PILGRIMAGE in its never ending search for TRUTH has uncovered two legends surrounding the old Zebe house located at 600 Stadium Drive (now Wallace Wade Ave.).
Legend has it that not only Fats Domino but also Little Stevie Wonder played for ZBT[a.k.a. ZILLIONS BILLIONS TRILLIONS]

Any recovered memories of drunken frat parties will be appreciated.

I would just like to say that the Lakers are still waiting for the beer
from the volleyball game against Fat City. The Lakers consisted of
people who lived in the Cottondale lake area consisting of Canyon Lakes,
Lake Wildwood, The Farm and Dogwood Lake.
Fat City wanted to play by
Jungle Rules, however the Lakers were aspiring volleyball players and even
played in the Y's volleyball league. We were good and Fat City has never
accepted that.
Laker members were Billy Townsend, Charlie Haun, Al Livey ( and his friends from the Valley who lived in the old log cabin at
Canyon Lake),
Bruce Hopper, Brian Hendrix,and others whose names escape
The Dogwood Lodge parties totally eclipsed anything done at Fat City.
The last big party on 1976-77? consumed 53 kegs of beer, unknown
quantities of canned beer and we bar-b-qued one cow (raised by Willie Jordan),
countless ribs and chickens. The guess on the number of attendees was
one or two thousand. Five to Ten bands played including Locust Fork and
my band at the time, Stache(which included Richard Kent, Bill Brown,
Kevin Peterson and Jeff Phillips any myself on bass).
Too many other stories for an email

The cover of WILBUR WALTON JR.'S Japanese release of Twenty Four Hours of Loneliness

John Earl on the subject of COURTNEY HAYDEN:

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Somewhere in the mists of the early seventies, I believe, WTBC had a tryout for an "underground FM radio" DJ. I auditioned and probably, in addition to my complete ineptness with radio station turntables, hurt any chances of getting the gig by playing Sonny Boy Williamson's "Little Village" from a Chess album which denoted it as "not suitable for airplay." The profanity that Sonny Boy used was mild when compared to today's musical standards but it was a breakthrough moment in Tuscaloosa FM. A "white" station had a cussing blues musician on it for the first time. Fortunately for aficionados of album length "cutting edge" music Courtney Hayden became Tuscaloosa's first "underground radio" DJ! It was late night, early morning listening with a cool looking, shoulder- length haired dude with a great voice. I got many of my first cool albums at Papa Genes, located at the end of the shops adjacent to the Corner.


Blogger loydrock said...

Actually it was a guy named Seth who never said his name over the air. His sign on was done by Greg Bass, and Courtney supported the show with vignettes and such. Seth always began talking with "Hi Its me." Courtney did the show later and got fired for running an ad for the show in the High Gauge that said "If you don't like it, Fuck Off! The name of the show was Headsounds.

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