Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"We are learning, as has every generation passing before us, that memories gain value when those who make them leave us."

"robert register"
Re: A Rock 'N Roll Pilgrimage To Tuscaloosa
Wed, 09 Feb 2005 01:14:58 +0000

NO, Robert, you are not bothering me. I look forward to meeting you when you visit the historical music town of Tuscaloosa, or as Tippy Armstrong referred to it as in the 60's & 70's,
"The Music Mecca of the World." As you know, there's a lot of music history & musicians that originated and evolved out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Thanks for forwarding the news of my father's passing to all those that loved and respected him. He WAS "Al Connell's Rhythm Lads," a twenty-one piece road band in the 30's. His musical career was halted when he was sent to land in Normandy and fight his way through Europe, almost identical to my musical career coming to a sudden halt when I was drafted during the Vietnam Era while playing with the Allman Joys.

Bill Connell

"Dean Moore"
Tue, 08 Feb 2005 23:16:25 -0600

hi... my name is dean... i was ( am still am ) the mayor of a place
Fat City up close to Deer Lick Creek, .we had tons of parties
there...a strong history of fun.. . but to quit rambling, there is a
band up
here in N. Ala. ....Micro Wave Dave and the Nukes... they have an album
named Moon Winxs, and the cover has a cool painting of the old Moon
sign. thought you might like to know that little tid-bit. You might
be on
to something here......good luck !! feel free to email me at any time,
lived in T'town from around '69-80.... Dean

Dear Dean:
We have never met, however, I have extensive information concerning your mayoral administration of the municipality know as FAT CITY and game preserve:

1) The Founding Fathers of FAT CITY and game preserve were Uncle Bud Dunn, Jim Baker, Bill Caldwell, Dean Moore[alias "Mayor of FAT CITY, "Toad Man", "Todacious Man Fellow" and Joe Poole-sometimes. Caldwell, Grant Oka(my wife Sharon's first husband), Jim Owens and Baker all served in 'Nam together.

2) FAT CITY and game preserve consisted of three houses and a log cabin set away from the houses.

3) Peak occupancy consisted of two to three hundred people for a party. Ya'll even had a lesbian wedding.

4) Shit hit the fan at one party when David Brown ran over a biker's dog.

4) July 4, 1976 was probably the last major FAT CITY party and for all practical purposes was the end of FAT CITY. 40 cases of Red, White and Blue beer were stored in a Knoxville,AL chicken house for consumption at this party.

5) FAT CITY became Small City at Canyon Lakes.

6) Bill Caldwell of FAT CITY still owes 3 cases of beer to "The Lakers" on an "at home loss" in volleyball. The explanation for the FAT CITY loss went like this,"The reason we lost is cause they liked rules!"

Looking for stories about Jumping Johnny's, Zorba's, Ireland's, The Super Market,The Library, and Raymon's Food and Sandwich Shop at 1307 10th Street.


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