Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here's the first list of locations for shooting ROCK PILGRIMAGE~ JACKSONVILLE:

1) Brickyard Road

2)The Still 4506 San Juan Ave.

3) Woodstock Teen Center Beaver Street

4) Riverside Studios 220 Riverside Ave.

5) Ronnie VanZant's Grave

6) The Bolles School 7400 San Jose Boulevard

7) Lee High School 1200 S. McDuff Ave.

8) The Riviera Apartments 1700 Blanding Boulevard

9) The House Ronnie VanZant Grew Up In

10) The House Gary Rossington Grew Up In

11) The House Allen Collins Grew Up In

12) The West Tavern 5301 Lenox Ave.

13) FREEBIRDLIVE 200 1st St. N., Jacksonville Bch, FL

14) The Little Brown Jug 2517 Edison Ave.

15) Hell House

16) St. Vincent's Hospital 1 Shircliff Way


Blogger Marco said...

I used to live at the aforementioned rock pilgrimage landmark, Riviera Apartments, on 1700 Blanding Blvd (our apartment was #63) from early 1977 - mid 1978. I remember walking with my cousin (Norma) and the complex manager (Dora) from the swimming pool to the "office." On the way, they had pointed to one of the apartments and said that a Lynyrd Skynyrd bandmember lives there. Do any of you know who this was? I had been curious ever since that fateful day of Octoboer 20, 1977. I appreciate your help in finding me the answer to this nagging quesiton of mine.
Very Respectfully,
Marc A. Perez

12:33 PM  

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