Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey Robert,I saw the query about Travis Rozzell. His first name when we were in the same class at Tuscaloosa High (1967) was Horace with Travis being a little used middle name. By the time we started playing together in "Stache" in the mid to late '70's, he was going by Travis. Stache eventually morphed into "Highway" by the time we were the house band at the Holiday Inn in 1978-79. Travis was a great all around musician. He sang and played lead. The first guitar that I remember him using was a Gibson Les Paul. It was the classic gold top, that showed green where the finish was worn. That guitar was stolen after a gig at a Troy STate Frat house. He then got a custom Strat with humbucking pickups. We drifted apart after I left performing music during my music promotion days at the Chukker. Saddly the last time I saw Travis was at his benifit concert at the old train station. Travis died shortly there after from a brain tumor. I will dig up a few pics and send them to you.Hopper


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