Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It was while doing a web search for "Rozzelle" that I happened upon your Rock Pilgrimage data & saw the name of "Travis Rozzelle." Travis's Dad (Pete) was my Dad's brother. After Uncle Pete died, we unfortunately did not see or hear much of his widow & children. Although Palmetto & Reform were my parents's homeland, we moved to different locations due to my Dad's construction work.
It was quite coincidental that I learned the location of Travis's brother, Roger. I have been corresponding with him since the week of Christmas 2009.
I noted that "Hopper" had posted he would try & find some pics to send you. If you should have any available pics of Travis, I would appreciate your forwarding them that I might send them to Roger. He has only two pictures of his family~one is of his late sister Cindy & the other was of him, Cindy, his Mom, Travis & Wayne from perhaps the early 1960's. He would be so grateful for any information/photos that could be shared.
My computer is very old, my printer died three years ago but, if you could possibly print them, I would be glad to reimburse you. It would certainly mean a lot to Roger OR if you prefer, they could be mailed directly to him. I WILL AWAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU FIRST!
In reading info on your site, I noticed the name of a local, Norman Andrews. When I first moved near Dothan, I often heard him at the Heart of Dothan~they had a club "The Mouse Trap" but also heard him numerous other times.
Kathy Rozzelle Pittman