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Friday, April 25, 2008

Here are the pictures of Jim Coleman that I promised you. The band shot is of Mr. Wizard done during a break in the taping of our two PBS specials (1971?). The photo was taken by one of the studio guys, possible Bill Connell. Left to right: Jim Coleman lead guitar, Bruce Hopper Bass (but sitting at the drum kit), Asa Gaston drums (playing with Jim's Gibson) and Jimmy Butts guitar and lead vocals.

Bruce Hopper

The next two pics should be credited to Marshall Hagler. One is of Jim taken at The Chukker. Of course Jim had to be different and drink Schlitz when everyone else drank Pabst.
Maybe that is because he was left handed.

The last pic is: Eddie Hinton, Jim Coleman and unidentified female (maybe someone knows who she is). [ed. note: I was told that the girl is Hinton's first wife]

In thinking of my relationship with Jim, one story comes to mind. Mr. Wizard practiced at my old garage apartment on 22nd ave. I always learned songs by looking at the guitar player's hands to see what chords he was playing. In Jim's case , he was left handed and I could not read the chords that he was playing. I then looked into the mirror in the bedroom and could catch Jim's reflection. Lo and behold, when you see a mirror image of a left handed guitar player, it looks like a right handed guitar player!
Bruce Hopper

Hey y'all~

What a sad & miserable day at Evergreen Cemetery yesterday but
I met so many citizens of ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA;
folks I'd corresponded with over the years who I'd never met face to face.


Heard this cat next to me with this Aussie accent & asked him, "You ain't Keith Glass are you?"
Sure enough it was Aussie ROCKER Keith Glass!

Back in 2004, our old Aussie mate, Keith Glass, sent us something SUPUH from DOWNUNDUH!!!!!!!


This is nothing to do with Roy or Alabama but try these shots on -
recently discovered photos of Jerry Lee and The Crickets doing a live radio
broadcast for another Melbourne station 3AW in 1958 - the tapes are
missing but may turn up.
Keith Glass



'Preciate your kind remarks relayed to me by my sister-in-law Sandy Price Wallace (your email, 3.10.2008).

I've been sporadically following your blog and find much of interest therein. Indeed, I had discovered it several months ago after googling "Wilbur Walton, Jr." Hell of a good singer, ain't he (even after all these years)!

image courtesy of

I also discovered my name amidst the ramblings. Bro' Tanton kindly included me among the real guitarists who played with "The Chimes." In point of fact, my involvement was limited to a single club gig in Pensacola, weekend of July 26-28, 1968, when John Bedsole's parents wouldn't permit him to go! My records show that I earned a whopping $37 for the gig, and my fondest memory of that weekend (perhaps, my only memory!) is of one of the Morris brothers eating cold chicken gizzards for breakfast in our motel room with a "why not, they're good" look on his face.

Thanks, Robert, for refreshing so many happy memories of music in Dothan!

It's been a really long time, but I'm proud to have been a little acquainted with so many fine musicians in our grand hometown. Sad to hear of so many who have passed, but great to see and hear David Adkins, Frank Tanton, and Richard Burke still at it and making cool sounds in the 21st century!

I don't know if I'll make it to the 40th reunion. Sandy told me about it when she and Alan visited here in late October. Given the outrageous price of gasoline, and the fact that my wife doesn't travel well,
I'm just not sure, but I haven't ruled it out yet.
Memorial images courtesy of Gail DePass &

If I could bring guitar and amp and reunite musically with John Bedsole, Jay Kochis, and Jerry Wise, but alas, Jay and Jerry are gone, too.

I did put a bit of personal info and a couple of photos up on the reunion website. I didn't get to make music my career, but I have been blessed to incorporate it largely into my ministry over the years. I actually sang "Georgia Pines" in a benefit concert, 20 years ago, in South Dakota.

Tell you one thing: Every year, early spring, I get real nostalgic for the smell of fresh green grass in our back yard on Oak Drive, the sight of azaleas and camellias blooming up and down Oates St, and the taste of a cherry coke from Creels!

Bruce Wallace

Hey Bruce,Do you remember our freshman year at Bama when you needed a loan & we walked downtown and had a beer at the Chukker?

Now that you mention it!
How much do I owe you?- Bruce Wallace

You came back to town a couple of years later & paid me back.
I think it was only $100 but YOU NEEDED IT BAD
That Spring!

'Fraid I don't remember the fiscal episode, but those were dire days indeed. I do remember going for the beer. Glad to hear I repaid you! - Bruce Wallace

Just a note about an Eddie Hinton connection. In 1966 Sid White and I recorded a single at Boutwell's studio in Birmingham.The songs were Town Clown b/w Stop and Listen.I think my Mother and a few other relatives bought a copy. Eddie Hinton was the engineer and producer of the session.