Sunday, July 17, 2005

You know I hate to call this crowd negligent but negligent we be.

These 2005 anniversaries are important because they instantly turn the spotlight on a space in time. We already missed calling attention to the 40th anniversary of Kesey's La Honda Pot Bust last April and not only that some of you who witnessed that event have misplaced your notes.{naughty, naughty}

We have a duty to preserve our heritage and prevent it from sinking into the oblivion of that big black parking lot of the Wal Mart/Time Warner MegaCenter located in East Hell, New Jersey.

October 7 marks the 50th anniversary of Ginsburg's reading of HOWL at 6 Gallery in Frisco, December 7 will make 50 years since Rosa got busted in a front seat of that bus in Montgomery and December 8 is sadly the 25th anniversary of the day John Lennon passed away.

Thanks to kind folks at ,
I have compiled a list of the events which will have their 40th anniversary in the coming months.
In closing, please remember that many of you knuckleheads witnessed these events so please be sweet, take a few prescious moments out of your busy day and share your reminiscences with ole roberto.

Aug 07, 1965 (Saturday) Merry Pranksters Party With Hell's Angels.
Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters throws a huge party at their La Honda cabin and invite the San Francisco chapter of the Hell's Angels.

Event: First Rock Dance Concert. Saturday, October 16, 1965.

Short Note: Produced by the Family Dog at the Longshoreman's Hall.
Long Note: The first rock dance concert ever held took place under the sponsorship of the Family Dog at the octagonal meeting hall of the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union near Fishermen's Wharf. It was billed as "A Tribute to Dr. Strange," and featured the Jefferson Airplane, the Charlatans, the Great Society, and ?the Marbles [who later metamorphized into the Loading Zone]. A light show was operated by Bill Ham.

Oct 24, 1965 (Sunday) Family Dog concert. More InfoThe second Family Dog rock dance concert was held at ?the Longshoremen's Hall. It was called "A Tribute to Sparkle Plenty."

Nov 06, 1965 (Saturday) Family Dog dance concert. More Info
The third Family Dog rock dance concert was held at the Longshoremen's Hall. It was called "A Tribute to Ming the Merciless." The Mothers [who later added "of Invention" to their name] played it.

Reference/Source: (Charles Perry, The Haight Ashbury: A History (New York: Random House/Rolling Stone Books, 1984), 28-30.)

Nov 27, 1965 (Saturday) First Acid Test.
The first Acid Test was staged by the Merry Pranksters at Ken Babbs' book store in Santa Cruz. It featured a light show and projections of some of the forty hours of film shot on the 1964 bus excursion [and referred to simply as "The Movie"]. (Augustus Owlsley Stanley III had been introduced to Ken Kesey in September 1965.)

Dec 04, 1965 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The second Acid Test was held at "Big Nig's" house in San Jose. It featured the Warlocks band (future Grateful Dead), a light show, and was attended by some 400 people.

Dec 11, 1965 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The third Acid Test was held at the Big Beat night club in Palo Alto. It featured the Warlocks band (future Grateful Dead), a light show, and Stewart Brand's "America Needs Indians" slide show.

Dec 11, 1965 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The third Acid Test was held at the Big Beat night club in Palo Alto. It featured the Warlocks band (future Grateful Dead), a light show, and Stewart Brand's "America Needs Indians" slide show.

Dec 17, 1965 (Friday) Acid Test.
The fourth Acid Test took place at Muir Beach Lodge near Mt. Tamalpais (after being advertized for Stinson Beach). This was the largest one to date in terms of attendence.

Jan 08, 1966 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The fifth Acid Test was held at the Fillmore Auditorium. (Another one -- the sixth? -- took place sometime this month in Portland, OR.)

Ca. 13-18 January 1966 Kesey Sentenced. More Info
Ken Kesey is sentenced for his conviction in the April 1965 arrest case for possession of marijuana, receiving a six-month jail sentence and three years of probation.

Jan 19, 1966 (Wednesday) Ken Kesey Busted.
Ken Kesey is arrested in San Francisco a second time for the possession of marijuana. He subsequently jumps bail and flees to Mexico, trying to mislead law enforcement authorities with a faked suicide note.

21-23 January 1966 Acid Test and Trips Festival.
The seventh (?) Acid Test was held at the Trips Festival (Friday through Sunday) which took place in the Longshoremen's Hall, San Francisco. The Festival was a joint effort of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, Stewart Brand (who showed his "America Needs Indians" slide show during it), and Bill Graham (who handled the business arrangements). Augustus Owsley Stanley III was a financial sponsor of the event: He purchased amplifiers and other electronic equipment for the Grateful Dead to use in playing there (and thereafter) and also donated LSD which he had manufactured for free ditribution at the event.

Reference/Source: (Charles Perry, The Haight Ashbury: A History (New York: Random House/Rolling Stone Books, 1984), 44-45. Lou Gottlieb, a former member of the folk group, The Limelighters, and future founder of the Sonoma County commune, Morningstar Ranch, in his regular folk music column for the San Francisco Chronicle (Tue. 18 January 1966), promoted the upcoming Trips Festival as being "of major significance in the history of religion.")

Jan 29, 1966 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The eighth (?) Acid Test was held at the Sound City Studios in San Francisco.

February 1966 Bill Graham changes careers.
Bill Graham resigns as business manager of the San Francisco Mime Troupe in order to devote himself full-time to the business of acid rock concert promotion, initially at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Feb 06, 1966 (Sunday) Acid Test.
The ninth (?) Acid Test was held in Los Angeles (and called the "Sunset [Blvd.] Acid Test"?). It featured the Grateful Dead.

Feb 12, 1966 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The tenth (?) Acid Test was held at the Youth Opportunities Center in Compton, CA., which is on the fringes of Los Angeles' Watts ghetto. Some 200 people attended.

Mar 01, 1966 (Tuesday) Kesey Sighting.
Herb Caen reported that Ken Kesey is in Mexico, but "he'll be back."

"Cuba, Alabama" wishes to thank the folks at for this information


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