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from a page 46 article in the April 21, 1973 issue of RECORD WORLD:


Butch Trucks played an important part in the great JACKSONVILLE JAM. He had gone the usual route of joining local teen bands, also playing tympani in a high school orchestra as well as the JACKSONVILLE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. When he attended FLORIDA STATE, Butch formed a three piece folk rock group that featured Scott Boyer (guitar), now with COWBOY, and David Brown (bass) who is now with Boz Scaggs. The group was called THE 31ST OF FEBRUARY , and in their three year career recorded one album which was released in 1968 on the Vanguard labels. During 1968, after the demise of the HOURGLASS, Duane and Gregg joined the 31ST OF FEBRUARY, and the album "DUANE AND GREGG" was released earlier this year is actually THE 31ST OF FEBRUARY and is composed mostly of demos the group made in Miami. Finally came the day that THE 31ST OF FEBRUARY met up with THE SECOND COMING in Jacksonville and THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND emerged.

from a page 32 article in the April 21, 1973 issue of RECORD WORLD


Chuck Leavell began playing at about the age of six. Before moving to Macon two years ago, he lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he played with various local bands. One of his earliest bands was THE AMERICAN EAGLES, which had the distinction of being the first to record Kris Kristofferson's "Me and Bobby McGee." From there, Chuck joined SUNDOWN, another Tuscaloosa group which moved to Macon and recorded an album for EXIT/AMPEX RECORDS. After SUNDOWN's demise, he played many recording sessions for ALEX TAYLOR. In January of 1972, Chuck joined FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS, backing up ALEX TAYLOR and DR. JOHN.


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