Thursday, January 25, 2007

Subject : WBAM
Click here to hear Dan Brennan do a rock 'n roll show promotion!:
This is an unbelievably GREAT Lou Christie in Alabama page:
Tons of WVOK SHOWER OF STARS Photos on Harold Brown's WVOK Memories:

The following BIG BAM posters courtesy of

You MUST remember that I was a mere babe in arms during the Big Bam era...heh...heh...heh!

My aunt & uncle used to take me & one of my girlfriends to almost every show. I think we just bought general admission tickets at the door. We always spent the night at the Holiday Inn on the corner of the Eastern bypass & what is now 85N. Once, Paul Revere & the Raiders stayed at that same Holiday Inn...we weren't very impressed with them at the time since they thought everyone at that hotel should be bowing down to them (and there WERE those that did...but not us!).

At the Winter Spectacular, our main reason for going was to see Roy Orbison.
We shared one pair of binoculars & argued over whose turn it was to use them. Of course, Roy WAS the king in our eyes!! And naturally, he & The Candymen stole the show as far as we were concerned. We weren't too impressed with Sonny & Cher
though, just curious as to why they had on thos e fuzzy boots & vests! They looked rather weird to us.

? & the Mysterions
were fun to see since we had never even seen a photo of them & wondered what was so mysterious!

I do remember The Rockin Gibraltars
& their "Bavarian" outfits...but we forgave them for that cause we loved them, too.

The McCoys
were another favorite.

My uncle LOVED "Bread & Butter" by the Newbeats,
so he had to sing along with them. We were sooo embarrassed! I remember the parking lot was filled to capacity & someone had broken off my uncle's the antenna on his VW. Or maybe it was his Cutlass...can't remember.
Well, I guess that's all I have to report for now. Wish I could remember more, but you must realize that there were a LOT of brain cells that were deleted during the late 60s & it comes back to me in bits & pieces!!
Oh, I do remember seeing The Who tear up their instruments at the end of a show, remember Lightin' Lou Christie (my uncle said that my aunt never got the binoculars above his waistband while looking at him!), Billy Joe Royal, Tommy Roe, Pat Paulsen (running for President!) & many more. If you'll supply the names, I'll tell you whether I was there! I just need a little "prompting"!! We ALWAYS had to stop by the WBAM station & go in to fill out a request & put it through one of those "bank teller" looking drawers & rode back to Dothan with baited breath until our request was played & our names were announced on the radio. Boy...we wuz Big Time then!!!
Later Tater,
da Queen


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